Saturday, 26 January 2019

Program to calculate electricity bill of a user in different cases in C++

#include <iostream.h>
#include <conio.h>
void main ()
char name[25];
int choice;
float cahrge1,charge2,charge3,charge4,charge5,unit1,unit2,unit3,unit4,unit5;
cout<<"\n enter name of user:";
scanf ("%s", name;
cout<<"\n you can perform following operation:";
cout<<"\n 1. below 83.33:";
cout<<"\n 2. above 83.34 to 100:";
cout<<"\n 3. above 100 to 200:";
cout<<"\n 4. above 200 to 300:";
cout<<"\n 5. above 300:";
cout<<"\n enter your choice:";
switch ( choice )
       case 1:       cout<<"\n enter value of units:";
       "cout<<\n Energy charge is 50:";
break;       case 2:       cout<<"\n enter value of units:";
       charge2= 0.6*unit2;
       cout<<"\n Charge="<<charge2;
break;       case 3:       cout<<"\n enter value of units:";
       charge3=( 0.8*(unit3-100)+60;
       cout<<"\n Charge="<<charge3;
       case 4:
       cout<<"\n enter value of units:";
       charge4=( 0.9*(unit4-200)+140);
       cout<<"\n Charge="<<charge4;
       case 5:
       cout<<"\n enter value of units:";
       charge5=( 0.9*(unit5-300)+230);
       cout<<"\n Charge="<<charge5;
break;default:        cout<<"\n Have a nice day:";
getch ();

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